You’re Being Sold

Last night I downloaded my Facebook data. It’s most of the information that I’ve submitted on Facebook since 2008. It includes data like every computer I’ve logged in on, all of the tags used to target advertisements at me, all my private messages, statuses, and specific ads I’ve clicked on in the past.

Needless to say, it was a lot of information. It was really eye opening. The amount of data that we post online is ridiculous. I also learned that I post a lot of statuses containing song lyrics. Go to Facebook and download your data to see what you’ve posted.

There’s something different about seeing your information in a group of documents. It’s incredibly personal and, while you think you may have nothing to hide, it’s your complete identity. Facebook, Google, Snapchat – they sell this information to whomever will pay the most for it. You’re a good that is constantly being sold. Go download your information and form your own opinion about how this data is used.


Go watch “Terms and Conditions May Apply” on Netflix too. It’s a good watch.

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