Social Media Dream

I want a blank space where all my friends are at. A website that is completely customizable, like a blog. You can create the layout and set it up in a way that displays your content beautifully. If you don’t want to spend time designing a layout, there should be a stock design that is simple.

This site should be social – meaning that unlike blogs, these pages should be interconnected. Blogs tend to be islands that don’t connect unless their authors write about one another. On this site, the user has a homepage, which will display an overview of what’s going on that day.

On Facebook, there’s a tendency to log on and only scroll through the Newsfeed. This site will have a general overview of the people you follow. Maybe one page with 20 posts on it per day. You’ll mark your closest 15 friends that you interact with and their content will display on this homepage. This page will have a layout similar to a newspaper, where you’ll have columns and the scrolling won’t be up/down.

You’ll be able to read yesterday’s newspaper-styled homepage and to continue back for one week. The homepage will be incredibly customizable where you can turn on/off images or memes. You can opt out of connected websites like Twitter or Instagram if you don’t want to see that content.

Artist should be able to showcase their content in the highest quality possible. If you’re a photographer, you should be able to post your images in 350 dpi. If you produce music, you should have the ability to share your music in 320kbps. We want to focus on users uploading their own content, so they should be able to post easily.

There will be no way to “favorite” or “like” a post. The only interaction will be through text based comments, with rudimentary HTML enabled. This means you can hyperlink within your messages or boldface certain text.

The site will have ads to keep the servers running. If a member wishes to disable the ads, they can choose to pay a cheap yearly membership which will cover the cost for them to use the site. We will not sell their personal information or any information that they share on the website. The idea is to have a free space where people can interact without the worry that their information would be used against them.

The site will be adjusted minimally with the intent of creating an open environment where the users can be social. After all, the purpose of social media is to be social.

There are ten thousand different ways we could improve social media. It’s imperfect and will always be changing. However, there are a few things which should never change:
-users should maintain control over their content.
-their privacy should be secure

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. What do you think?



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