Carrying the Past

In the digital age, do we really let go of the past? We can look back at text messages from old relationships and read statuses on how we were doing at any given time. We can keep in contact with people from our high school years and retain contacts indefinitely. People who we would have forgotten still stay on our NewFeed and ‘like’ our posts.

Is this for the best? By retaining contacts, are we carrying too much of the past? Generations before us were forced to move on. If your best friend moved away, you’d lose contact. Then you’d have to meet new people and make more friends. I wonder if social media makes us more social or less social.

When I have kids, will they be able to look back at my entire lifetime through the internet? Could they see what music I listen to on or see this blog? Would they see the posts I made at 4am and the useless debates I’ve had on YouTube?

My parents had to keep physical photographs if they wanted to look back. How about now when we can take thousands of pictures and share them online, what will happen to the memory when we can see images from every event?

We carry the past with us. Our interactions are changing and we’re not letting go. People, memories, our history, is all being kept alive. It’s a book that you can open and read. It’s a place that you can go. You’ve checked into this bar on Google+ before, how many times will you come here in your lifetime? What are we becoming because of social media?


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