Noisy Mind

I’ve been listening to noise for years. You know – that voice that sits in your head and silently comments on everything. It doesn’t require your full attention to make judgements. Perhaps it’s small like a thought that the room is ugly or that the girl next to you is spending too much time looking at her phone. These judgements even happen as you talk to an old friend. Each time they look past you, you could be questioning why. Maybe what you’re saying is uninteresting.

Often times we confuse this with our own voice. There is an inexplicable link between our internal voice and the one that we use to physically communicate. In our heads we have conversations with ourselves and most of them revolve around our judgements or predictions about the future. What are we going to do when we get back to the house? How’s work going to be today? Should I be going to the gym more often? Yes, I probably should be.

The more that we focus on these judgements and conversations, the less we feel alive and the more judgmental we become. We alienate reality and choose to live in our heads. Unfortunately most people live their entire lives in this alternate reality.

Liberation is attainable only through focus or mindfulness. When we can notice our mind making judgements, we can realize that they are not our own. You can also cease conversations with your mind. Instead choosing to live in reality and to notice it. There is only clarity through open senses and you cannot be present while you live in your mind.

It’s difficult to have a noisy mind. Sometimes an empty room can feel louder than a jet engine. Crowded rooms can feel much smaller because it’s like there’s ten of you. So far, the only way I’ve found to help my loud head is to be present. Take in your senses but don’t judge them. Just feel them. Don’t put words to them, just be there. Witness it. Really feel life.


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