Our identity, or who we think we are, makes up a huge part of how we treat the world. How we perceive ourselves determines how we react to our everyday experiences. Take a moment to think of who you think you are. If someone asked you “what do you do?”, how would you respond? Here’s how I see part of my identity:

5% Minnesotan
60% Artist/Creator
15% Gay
5% Book-snob
5% Gamer
10% Traveler

This is just a rough look at how I identify with my environment. I consider myself Minnesotan, and I act out of that identity. I say things like “uffda”, and talk about the cold too much. A huge part of my identity is about being an artist and creating content. I spend a lot of my free time creating, thinking about creating, or talking to others about creating. It’s a huge part of my life.

The difficulty with these identities that we take on is that they are not our own. When I say I’m a gamer, I’m saying that I relate to gamers. My identity is derived from the group, not myself. I generalize who I am for the same of being part of the group. By saying that I’m an artist, I take part of my identity from other people who call themselves artists.

What I’m trying to get at is that you when you take your identity from a group, you lose yourself. You simplify who you are. In reality, you’re indescribable. To put words to who you are would be to limit you. You are so much more than that. Don’t label yourself. Just do what you do. Don’t try to be an artist, you’ll try to be like other people who take on that title. Just be as you are and do what you love.


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