Almost Done

It’s hard for me to believe that in exactly one month, I’ll have finished the last post for this 365 project. While I am excited to complete it, I’m saddened that this year is already drawing to a close. One year ago I was living in Texas and going to school. Now I’m working a full time job and living on the other side of the country.

When this project comes to a close, I look forward to writing more in-depth posts and boosting the quality of my writing. There are so many limitations with only having 24 hours to write a post. You can’t contemplate what you’ve written or edit it over a few days. It’s constantly creating a product, whether bad or good. I’m just excited to spend more time creating.

A few of the posts that I’ve started, that will be published mid-December, are about trips I’ve gone on over the years. I want to write more about this year in retrospect and set new goals for myself. I completed my NOCNOM/Fitness Challenge, I’ve checked a few other things off my list. Now I can move on to bigger posts.

All I can say is stay tuned. There’s only 27 days left until this challenge is over and I’m excited for what lies ahead.


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