Do people change or do we change?


Looking through old photographs from my middle school years I wonder how much I’ve changed. As I look at old friends, I can’t help but feel like they’ve stayed the same. Yes, they have added years, instead of going to the movies, they go out to drink, but has anything really changed? Have I changed?

In those years I hadn’t traveled independently, moved away from home, or really gotten out to have the experiences that I feel have shaped who I am today. Still, looking at my friends, most of them are ultimately the same, just more adult-like.

I hadn’t even started photography, the thought of blogging hadn’t crossed my mind, these photos were taken on my 1.5mp phone camera, and I, well, still wore Hollister. Now I’ve completed a project where I took a picture everyday for a year, I’ve written each day for the last 335 days, I’ve spend months traveling around Europe, and one of my closest friends lives in Denmark.

Are we who we are because of what we’ve done or is it deeper than that? Will I remain the same underneath as I have been my entire life? My friends still act the same way as they did 10 years ago, am I the same way? Do people change or do we change?


31/31 Blogtober


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