Ever-changing looks

The images we have of ourselves are not concrete, they’re dynamic and change frequently. How we see ourselves depends on our mood, esteem, environment, and many other things. We like to think that we have one view of the world but, in fact, we have many.

Here’s an experiment for you: take a piece of blank paper and find a mirror. Draw yourself exactly as you see ‘you’. The picture is going to be for you only, so draw it as honest as you can. If you see a defect, draw it. If you see a curve, put it in your drawing. Then tomorrow, do the same exercise. When you’re finished, compare what you’ve drawn.

I guarantee that your pictures will look dramatically different. You may have longer eyebrows, a different expression, a longer face, wider cheeks. You don’t have a concrete view of yourself; it’s always changing.


30/31 Blogtober

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