With the digital age, I think one of the most difficult things we have to do is prioritize. There’s so much information that we have access to and not enough time to view or process all of it. With subscriptions to Google Play Music or Spotify, you have access to millions of songs. No one has time to listen through all of that.

I think this generation, not unlike previous ones, has a difficulty with letting go. We add everyone on Facebook and never have to leave a friend behind. If someone moves, no problem, just follow them on Twitter. If you like a photographer, you could follow of their work.

However, when we follow so many people, we start to either lose time from our real lives or in our physical relationships with others. If you can keep track of your friends that you grew up with, do you have enough time to meet new people? Are we just attaching and never letting go?

I’m finding that I have to willingly sacrifice relationships with others and following many artists because I don’t grow from our contact. There’s just too many people, too much information, and not enough time to process all of it. Think about Facebook, we all have a friend who posts 4 times a day. The time that you spend viewing their content, you could be viewing something more valuable.

Perhaps a skill that we need to work on is prioritizing. Cut the excess and focus on what’s most important to you. At the moment I’m trimming down on Facebook and focusing on sites, like Flickr. It’s too easy to get absorbed into information that doesn’t benefit us. I could spend days scrolling through my Newsfeed… but what do I accomplish from that? That’s why we need to decide what’s most important and work down from there.


29/31 Blogtober

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