Make a list, check it twice

It seems that every successful creative person I’ve met has some way of doing the same thing. They all record their ideas so that they can create them in the future. When I met Brooke Shaden a few years ago, she talked about carry a notepad of ideas. Others have mentioned sketchbooks where they draw photographs they want to take. No matter what the medium, I think artists understand how fleeting ideas can be. Putting them down on paper helps us remember and develop concepts that we want to use.

In my old room, I had a collection of whiteboards hung on the wall. Each of them contained something different – quotes, lists, random thoughts. One of them was entitled “if I could do it…” and it held a bucket list of ideas that I wanted to accomplish. Another one was filled with ideas to blog about. They were invaluable for expressing myself. When I felt creative, I could go to the boards and further develop ideas I previously had.

When I moved in September, the whiteboards ended into my closet. This period also coincided with an incredibly uninspired phase. For the last month I’ve been creating less content, been less focused, and I’ve been less involved with my life. I’ve come to the realization that having blank space to fill is incredibly helpful for motivation and organization of thoughts.

Every artist finds a different way to do it but I think it’s something we all have in common. Recording our ideas helps us manage how we see the world and how we express ourselves. By having a notepad/whiteboard/sketchbook we are able to capture our fleeting ideas for future use.

See, blank space is interesting. Find a notebook and start filling it with your thoughts or doodles. What you do with blank space is what makes you who you are. If you find yourself doodling, maybe you can focus on that and create something more. If you write about your life, maybe you should expand on it. Figure out how you fill space and work from there.


14/31 Blogtober

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