Mirroring Others

My entire life, I’ve always been part of a diverse crowd. In high school, I surrounded myself in every clique. When I wanted to do art, I hung out with the art group. Likewise, if I wanted to talk about travel, I’d go hang out with the foreign exchange students. No clique fully satisfied me and I found myself moving from group to group.

There wasn’t one group that I really fit into. I didn’t listen to the same music as my emo friends or care about my grades enough to always be with the smart kids. But I could hang out with any crowd. In the last year I’ve started to figure it out and notice a trait in myself – I tend to mirror the people around me.

What that means is, when I hang around artsy people, I become really artsy. When I hang around my foreign friends, I become really travel oriented. I tend to gain the group’s traits, both positive and negative. I think most people are this way. If you hang around a person who always talks about one topic, eventually you’ll start to talk about that topic too. There’s a quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

So, the first question should be; who do you want to be? Are the people you surround yourself with similar to that image? In the last year, I’ve found that the people I surround myself with aren’t who I want to become. My friends are great but I don’t think I’m maturing with them. If you want to be adventurous, surround yourself with adventurous people. Inevitably, you’ll start to take on their traits. If you want to be more artistic, find the art community or take a community education class. You mirror your environments, make sure what you’re mirroring is what you want to reflect in yourself.


13/31 Blogtober

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