4 More Bands You Really Should Get Into

Back in February I posted an article with a few artists for you to check out. I want to do that again by sharing what I’ve been listening to lately.

Music is powerful because it can change our mood and over time it can change the way we think. Music can motivate you to move or it can sympathize with you when you’ve had a rough day. “Music… can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable” (Leonard Bernstein).

Through music we can experience what other people have gone through and feel emotions that we’ve never felt before. The artists that are below have brought me to other worlds and this post is dedicated to their work.


While browsing music at FYE, a woman suggested this band to me. She said that they’re great night-driving music. The EP “Nightlife” was perfect and I fell in love with the band’s sound. They’re relaxing but energizing. If you like STRFCKR or Crystal Castles, you’ll like this band too!


A few years ago a friend introduced me ODEZSA, not the city in Texas but this beautiful band. They’ve got a light electronic sound that is great for Sunday mornings and when you’re cleaning. This album was just released and I’ve fallen in love with it.


“Left Hand Free” was released earlier this year, along with “Every Other Freckle”. Both songs are incredible and this album was highly anticipated. It released last week and if you haven’t given it a listen, plug your headphones in and click play.

Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been a favorite band of mine for years. So when their lead singer released independent work, I immediately started listening to it. “The Moon Song” was featured in the movie “her” and was incredible. This album released earlier in the month and is a compilation of songs recorded by Karen during heartbreaks. It’s beautiful and each song is short to around 3 minutes. Her voice is mesmerizing and I highly suggest checking out the album “Crush Songs”!




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