Resetting Goals

So unfortunately a few of the goals I made earlier this week didn’t stick around. If you didn’t read that post, I wrote about 3 goals; regular exercise, daily meditation, and NOCNOM. To read more about them, go to this post.

Each day this week I meditated for at least 15 minutes or, for most of them, more. Sometimes I would wake up and meditate, others I’d do it after lunch, but I did keep that goal. By having a short required time (you can sit down for 5 minutes at any given moment), I was able to meditate on my own schedule. It was convenient and that’s why it stuck.

Exercise, on the other hand, requires more time. Most of the training I’ve done in the past focuses on cardio, which usually requires a shower afterward. If I want to exercise in the morning, I have to get up earlier rather than just fitting it into my schedule. However, I want to start the goal again with modifications.

Simple exercises like pushups, planks, crunches, and mountain climbers, require very little time. This makes them convenient because, like meditation, I can sprinkle them throughout the day. With the help of the Lift app, for the next 30 days I’m going to do pushups (varying), 1-minute planks, and 1-minute of flutter-kicks each day. As the days progress I’ll do more sets and at different times during the day.

NOCNOM (No Complaining, No Masturbating) is a totally different story. I’m blushing a little bit inside because I may or may not have broken it and it’s not from complaining. While I’ve been mostly successful, I can’t say I’m pure. Even though it’s been 5ish days, I have to admit, I do feel more energetic and I have a greater sex drive… as one would imagine. Nonetheless, it’s a great measure of discipline and I’m going to reattempt it starting tonight.

I mentioned it yesterday but you should really check out the “Lift” app for iPhone and Android. It’s a fantastic way to start building habits and interact with a new community. While I’ve only been on it a week, I’ve had a great experience with it and I encourage you to check it out!


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