Daily Digest # 1

Occasionally I run across online media that I want to share on here but not enough for an entire post. While Six Word Stories is great, I think you should check out their site rather than reading an entire post about them. The idea behind “Daily Digest”s is to share media that I find on a day-to-day basis in a casual way where you can just click links to read more about them.

For example, I absolutely love Whitney Justesen’s work, and I’ve interviewed her in the past. Recently she’s written on her own blog. In fact, she’s written seven different posts about her trip to Iceland. She breaks them down like this:

1. Reykjavik
2. Vík
3. The South
4. Leaving the South
5. Embarking on the Ring Road
6. Back Around Again
7. An Epic Conclusion

Each is filled with beautiful pictures and a wonderful perspective on traveling. If you haven’t already, you should follow her blog or mosey on over to The Roaming Photographer.

If you’re into sound, and you really like electronic music, you should check out Rameses B‘s album “Reborn“! It creates such a beautiful atmosphere of sounds and is definitely worth listening through.

The song “Let It Be” by Blackmill has been running through my head. It’s so serene and peaceful. I can meditate with this song on because it’s so calming to my head. It resets my mood and helps me let go.

While I didn’t mention it the other day, I’ve been using this great App called “Lift” to track goals and to motivate myself. Basically you can login, join goals or create your own. For example, I’m part of “Pushup(s)” – each day at noon my phone buzzes and reminds me to participate. Afterwards I click a giant check mark and it tracks how many days I’ve done it.

Each goal has a message board with it where people ask questions and offer advice. It helps foster community and, in the end, motivates you to complete your goals. In the pushup group, you can find advice on form or how to build muscle. Eventually you’ll hit a point where you’ve build a habit and you no longer need the app, but it helps get you there.

Right now I’m also part of “NOBNOM” and “Flossing Daily”. Eventually I’ll be so used to flossing that I’ll do it out of habit. Until then, it’s satisfying to click that giant check mark at the end of the day. Also, if your friends use the site they can comment on your accomplishments and give you props for going towards your goals!

When I’m feeling blue, I turn on Ronald Jenkees’ YouTube videos. He’s always got such a great attitude and he’s incredibly skilled at his craft. I love listening to his music and you can hear the passion in his songs. Here’s another song by him before I finish this post!


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