The Reality of Dahlias

Each day I pass a bush of beautiful purple and white dahlias. I admire them every time I walk by for being so vibrant and colorful.

Well, Charleston has been rainy and wet for the last few days and at some point the container, which holds the dahlias, fell over. After noticing this, I immediately ran over and propped them back up. When I reached to touch the petals, I felt plastic. The bush I had admired was fake. Nonetheless it brought beauty and color to my days.

I admire the flowers still because they add color to my day. They don’t have to be fake or real, my enjoyment isn’t in the flowers, it’s in my choice to enjoy them. To me, they are no real or less than any of the other plants around my dorm.

How other people are doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is how you see them. We all want to see reality as it is and people as they are but we cannot. For us to see reality, there must be a reality. There is no reality without the observer and, therefore, there is no truth – only perceptions.

When you look at a person, you see them because of yourself, not because they exist but because you looked at them. Without you, there is no other person. This means that it doesn’t matter what a person is, it matters only how you see them. Without your vision, there would be no reality for you.

Your perception is what matters because without you, there is no truth to be seen. So when you see something realize that it isn’t concrete. You can control your perceptions and your vision of the world. When you look at another person, you are not looking at them as much as looking into yourself and your perception of them.

I know it’s complex but reality isn’t as finite as people believe. Your perceptions, added with everyone elses perceptions, make reality. There is no absolute reality, only perceptions of it. Seeing those dahlias, they can be fake or they can be real, it does not matter. They add color to my life and I enjoy them for that. It’s my perception and my choice to enjoy them.



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