Beginning Meditation

This weekend I learned that someone I work with was a monk. He meditated regularly and it showed. At first, I didn’t realize it because it’s unusual to meet a monk but his personality reflected it. When he spoke, he had a light in his eyes. The words he chose beamed with positivity. As you held a conversation, he was there, not in his mind, but there with you.

While I certainly believe that some people are naturally this way, I want to make an effort to have these qualities. Originally I used meditation to relieve stress and my anxiety attacks but now I want to return to it. I don’t want to set a particular amount of time for meditating, so I’ll just say I want to start sitting with myself more often.

In reality, meditation is both logical and silly. The goal of sitting with myself is to calm my mind and to cultivate presences. It’s silly because we are never away from ourselves but it’s logical because we don’t spend enough time doing nothing. I want to become familiar with myself, and to take time for growing. It’s silly but it’s something I need to do. For the next week, I’m going to dedicate myself to more meditation.


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