What Is

We all want a perfect life, where we will be loved and enjoy our time. Where we will work less and have more fun. We all want a mate who will make us comfortable and a life that makes a different in the world. Tonight I watched “The Fault in Our Stars” and I recognized this trait inside of myself. So much of my life is seeking perfection but I’ve realized that the only perfection we have is when we stop seeking.

When we search for a more perfect world, we neglect the world that we live in. It’s difficult to appreciate a world that you’re always trying to improve. While it’s not wrong to want a more beautiful world, I think it leads to a lot of unhappiness. By imagining world which isn’t, we neglect what is. When we seek relationships that aren’t, we forget the relationships which are.

There’s a phrase that I’ve used lately; “The secret to life: low expectations”. While I think that’s it’s good to be easily impressed, I think the real secret is to have no expectations. Live life as it comes, as the sky hits your eyes and the smell in the air curls through your nose. Don’t think about how the sky is, know how it is. Don’t expect, don’t change. First you must know what is.


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