Make your Bed

While going for a walk yesterday, I was listening to The Tim Ferriss Show. In the beginning of his latest episode, Tim gives some great life advice. He says if you’re ever feeling anxious or starting to go through a depressive phase, start making your bed. It’s a simple task that you can do to feel some control over your life. You could have an absolutely horrible day but at the end of it, you’ll come home to a made bed.

I experienced something similar to this today. This week has been long and I’ve been cleaning almost endlessly. I clean ’til I go to bed, then wake up and clean more. I’ve been getting anxiety about leaving my old room because I have to have it cleaned. Tonight, during lunch break at work, I came back to my room and made guacamole. It wasn’t much and it took a lot of time but I feel good coming home after cleaning to some fresh chips and guac.

I think life is in the small things. Appreciating simple tasks like making your bed or sitting down to cook at the end of the day. My anxiety isn’t gone yet but I feel a little better before I go to bed. I hope you’re all having a wonderful night!



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