Men with Fire in their Eyes

Last year I wrote a poem called “fire” on my old blog. It was created immediately before starting this 365 project and perhaps it was a catalyst to begin writing. At the time, I was deprived of the artist community. I lived with no creators and had no one to talk about art with. I was lonesome and wanted someone to understand me. Here’s the poem:

“I want to see
men with fire in their eyes
blinded with their passion
lost in it

consumed by it
they forget
or maybe they remember
time is nothing to them

nothing has value
all is equal
it’s worth
ten thousands pounds of gold
or a single piece of coal

the fire that burns in them
doesn’t run on fuel
it breaths
and with every exhale
they consume themselves again

i want to see men with passion
and fire in their eyes”

I feel silly sharing this part of myself but I feel like everything I create is a piece of who I am. To remove this from my blog or to un-publish it would be to remove part of myself. I am definitely not a poet.

However, I do believe that what we want most from the world is what we desire most inside of ourselves. When we seek a funny or adventurous mate, we’re really seeking those traits inside of ourselves. We want to be funny or we want to be adventurous. Instead of finding it within ourself, we look to others for their traits.

When I wrote this, I wanted passion. I wanted to look myself in the mirror and see someone who was dedicated to his craft, who was defiant and brilliant at the same time. In many of my other posts at the time, I wrote about trying to find inexhaustible inspiration. I was looking for myself.

I wrote about wanted to see people with fire in their eyes. With such strong desire to create and with utter confidence. Those words couldn’t define me in November. It’s taken a year to become that person with fire in his eyes. I love creating. It’s an inexhaustible passion.

Looking back, there are things that only time can change. I wanted to become a passionate person – and the 365 project was a path towards it. By forcing myself to write daily, I found the men with fire in their eyes, it was inside of myself. No where else. I had to find that. This poem was just a reflection of that desire.


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