The activities that you lose yourself in are the ones that you should be doing. When you read a book, you forget yourself and believe that you’re the main character. In your head, you’re sailing the seas or fighting a monster. Other activities have the same effect. Painting may do this for one person while exercising may help another. In all scenarios, this state of “flow” (as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it) improves our lives.

Some days I question my path and where I’m going. I wonder if I’ve made the right decisions and where I’ll end up. Depression can come over me while I’m questioning these things. I feel lost. I feel trapped and everything is too much. The only solace that I can find is in doing what I love. For me, that means reading or editing photographs. Even writing helps. It’s when we forget time, and everything else melts away, that we feel the most alive.


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