Playlist Live Tickets

At work, I watched as Playlist-Live tickets were sold. The number of available tickets dropping from 77 to 70 to 69. The last event looked amazing and I was really bummed about not going. So, today I bought a ticket. I don’t have a car to get there yet. No hotel booked. Not even a guarantee that I’ll be able to attend. But I decided that I have things that I want to do in my life and I can’t wait for all the details.

I can’t plan every aspect of my life. $200 is a lot of money, especially for an event that doesn’t have a lineup released yet. I’m not sure I’d spend $75 for a band concert. But I know that this is something I want to do, even if I’m alone.

I fear driving for 5 hours to go a city where I don’t know anyone. Especially with having to return to work a few days later. What if I have complications and I’ll be back late? I could get lost or experience any number of difficulties. My family is on the other side of the country; I can’t just call for help. These are all the things that limit me and run through my mind constantly. They keep me at home and in my bed. But I can’t experience life from under my bed sheets.

While I don’t know everything that will happen, I plan on going to Playlist-Live 2015 in Orlando, Florida. It’s nearly 6 months away and a 300 mile drive, but I’m really excited. Maybe I’ll get back into making videos or change how I blog. Who knows? Plus I’ll be finished with my 365 in just a few months! Maybe a vlogging 365 will follow? Mm, probably not. But who knows! I’m liking this mystery and daringness that I’m finding within myself. There are obstacles we put in front of ourselves that we must overcome and tonight I feel like I’m surpassed one.



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