Oh how joyous it would be to take a summer off and garden. No job, no obligations, just focus on growing plants. I sit now with an old stack of letters next to me. As I read through them, I realize that life is cyclical. Our moods change with the season and come back. The lows you knew yesterday will sweep through you again and the highs will lift you back out.

Yet anticipations of tomorrow never came and may never arrive. This is because the primary catalyst for change in your life is you, not circumstance. The thing which holds you back is not a thing, it’s you. Those dreams you have, you can make them a reality. But first you must overcome circumstance.

You must cultivate your life but you cannot rush it. Like gardening, you do everything in your power to let the plants grow strong and tall. But you cannot prevent a rainstorm or a drought, which will destroy the garden. Instead, you must work with your plants each day until they come to fruition. Life is built on this cultivation and patience, focus on it and your life will bloom.


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