“Everyone Wanders”

“Everything you’ve ever done,
every person you’ve ever met,
every experience you’ve ever had,
is a part of who you are today,
adding interesting layers to your being,
and colorful depths to your soul.
Everything needed to be as it was,
so you could grow as you did and do.”

-Karen Salmansohn

This quote inspires me to seek adventure and, when I’m going through a rough time, to see the bigger picture. The person I am today is a compilation of who I was yesterday and the day before, returning to the day I was born. You are built on your daily life and the years are comprised of months, which are held together by days. Fill each day with as much experience as you can.

My old blog http://www.EveryoneWanders.com/ is being repurposed into a side project of this blog. Here I write daily and this has become more of routine than a creative expression. Though I enjoy writing every day, this has become more tedious than a way of expressing myself. There are days that I cannot stop writing, while others I feel dry.

To force yourself into expression creates a dull piece of art. The purpose of a 365 is to learn this balance and to find a point where you can create regularly. Ultimately it shows you that you have a greater capacity to write (or photograph) than you think. After 30 days of writing, you realize “wow! I never knew I had so much to say!”.

Eventually that wears off, maybe around day 150-180, and you just have to push yourself through the rest of the project. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy writing and blogging. However, right now I’m just waiting for it to be finished. Not so that I can be done writing but because I want to produce greater quality work, which can only be produced over days of writing.

Everyone Wanders is a collection of my side writings, a place where I can release content that I feel fits me but that I don’t want to edit. It’s more raw and rigid. For the next few days I’ll be back-posting and updating previous writings.

As a side note, check out the band Trademark. “Getting By” is a beautiful song recommended by The Howling Fantogs.


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