Circumstantial Friendship

There is no reason for beginning a friendship, no underlying cause or logical explanation to why we are close to certain people. We don’t choose our friends. Circumstance breeds connection, it doesn’t matter who the person is, or who you think you are, if the situation is correct, you’re bound to be friends. Think of a close friend and how you originally met. Nothing was planned, the lines just clicked.

Eventually those same lines wear and the gears turn again. Circumstance builds friendship as well as tears it down. When a moment comes to an end, those you are close to change. People change, environments change, and attitudes change. Friendship is a combination of time and circumstance. You fall into it and you fall out of it.

Undoubtably the people you are close with now will be different than those you are close to in five years. Cherish friendships while they are close, and, when they draw to an end, let them go knowing that your time was well spent.


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