“Don’t Change for Anyone”

As human beings, we like security and having a regular schedule. Life is easier when we know what’s around the corner. However, our desire for new experience conflicts with our desire to remain the same. We are unable to be happy if we continually do the same activities, but we desire the security that a boring life provides.

Over time the demand for regularity in our lives turns destructive and we suffer. The unknown is difficult to deal with, and forming patterns is an easy way to alleviate the pain. Waking up at the same time every day, driving the same road to work, and getting the same food at the same restaurant you always visit, are ways to avoid potential discomfort.

Our happiness, however, is directly proportional to how willing we are meet the unknown. By accepting the possibility of both the good and the bad, we lose our rigidity. If the road we take to work is closed, no problem, we try a new one and accept the possibilities. Even if that road makes us late or brings us a more scenic view.

On my cousin Tabitha’s blog, she inspired me by writing:

“No one is perfect, everyone can understand that but when it comes to living it and believing in the statement and idea to accept everyone for who and what they are we become lost. We become defensive, “I’m not going to change for anyone.” If you won’t change for anyone change for you.”

In our relationships we tend to preserve our rigidity, not daring to accept the others or the unknown. We value remaining ‘true to ourselves’, and usually that leaves us suspicious of others. We fear being manipulated or having our opinion changed.

Again, our happiness is equal to how much we accept the world. That includes allowing experiences to expand our horizons and accepting that it’s alright to change your views. We need to let go our routines and the avoidance of new adventures. If you want to feel alive, then you must act like you are alive.

The most influential people in my life are the ones that can entertain possibilities. They can debate from another person’s perspective, even if they don’t share the view. By seeing the world from many perspectives, they understand that life isn’t perfect. One day your route to work is going to be under construction, the job you currently hold may not always be there, and you will have to adapt to changing circumstance.

Let go of the image you have for yourself and accept the world as it is. Find people who thrill you and be open to the possibilities that life throws at you. Your time here on Earth is far too short for nonacceptance, so let the world change you and you will change the world.


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