Time flies so quickly, it’s hard to notice it from your daily life. The rudimentary schedule of get up, go to work, sleep, weekend, and then more work, is easy to look over. As a student, the year is marked into sections: fall (start of school), Christmas vacation, spring, then summer. In the working world, these distinctions become blurred and time disappears more quickly.

Charleston has been my home for almost five months now, and this project has gone on for eight months. I’ve taken time out of my day to write a simple one hundred words every evening since last December. Yet I hold only memories since starting.

People change, your environment changes, life conditions change, and the only thing you’re left with is your sense of self. Early in this project I felt lost and frustration filled many of my posts. I was a broken person, and I cycled through emotions rapidly. I tried many tactics for healing, including supplements and a lot of Buddhist text.

In retrospect, I remember these intense feelings and the rapid mood changes but they’re gone. Perhaps not by my own hands but merely by carrying on with my life. Time changes everything but we don’t have a concept of it. It flows like a river but we do not feel it, see it, or notice that we’re dripping wet from standing in the center of it.

The friends I had six months ago are gone to other places. Due to my life conditions, I’ve moved around the country several times. We’ve all changed, and although we once needed one another, we’ve all grown from our friendships and moved on. We’re unique people and we depended on each other at one time but now we’ve gone our separate ways. It’s interesting how people show up in your life when you need them to.

Life can be viewed as seasons; somewhat cyclical in nature but ever-changing. The people you meet today may not be in your life six months down the road. If you were to meet yourself in five years, you would be standing in front of a different person. The aspirations you have now may change as you experience new adventures. It all boils down to: life changes, people change, and your environments change. Life is change.



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