Music Obsessions July 2014

This past month has been unusual; normally I explore new artists. Instead, I’ve been listening deeper into the ones I already know. The music I’m sharing with you here is contemplative, deep-toned, and reflects how I’ve felt for the past month.

“Immolate Yourself” album by Telefon Tel Aviv

My favorite track on this album is easily “Helen of Troy“, and it fights for the title of “my most played song”. In 2013, Telefon Tel Aviv was on tour/on stage with Nine Inch Nails. Their sound is light and mostly instrumental. Unfortunately it’s difficult to explain these different albums because the feelings are mostly described by listening to the songs.

“We Were Exploding Anyway” album by 65daysofstatic

I’ve written about post-rock before and how much I love it. 65daysofstatic came up one day while I was listening to “world’s end girlfriend“, and I fell in love with their work. They’ve remixed a ridiculous amount of music and it’s easy to find their work in the post rock genre. I think they’ve even remixed some of “Matryoshka“‘s work.

“Obsidian” album by Baths

Baths is incredibly easy to fall in love with, especially if you’ve heard his album “Cerulean” before. Rather than being upbeat like previous albums, “Obsidian” is much darker and deeper. It’s heavy to listen to and I spend a lot of time editing pictures while listen to this.

“Making up a Changing Mind” album by Pretty Lights

The Hot-Shit” is a series of podcasts where Pretty Lights producer Derek Vincent Smith plays music off his label. Each one is an hour-long and incredibly well made. Now I think he’s on episode 108 or something crazy like that. In the first one I fell in love with the song “Understand Me Now”, from this album. After listening to it a couple thousand times I finally moved to the entire CD. After a few thousand plays I think it’s a great album. Check it out!


I hope that you found some new artists to listen to. These four albums have been on repeat and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listen through them. They’ve define this month and I hope that you’ll add a few new songs into your current playlist! 🙂


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