Working for the Weekend

Earlier this week I wrote about the Jack of all Trades stereotype, and how there’s nothing wrong with having many skills. It was partly inspired by what Tim Ferriss has said on his blog; boredom is failure. Rather than basing our success on how much money we have, we should be focusing on how much of life we’re experiencing.

Thoreau writes extensively about this in his book Walden, from when he moved into the woods for two years. He writes that men act like machines, neglecting “the fruits of life”. Those fruits are experience and the finer details we should be living each day. It seems that 200 years later, men are still focusing on the same idle idea that money generates experience.

Everyday I see people working in their thirties and forties with stale faces that radiate boredom. It terrifies me that one day I may become like that. Even now I have friends that watch TV or play video games with the few hours they aren’t working.

When I finish my obligation at my job, I think I will vagabond around for a bit. There’s too much time wasted through working for money that I don’t have enough time to spend. Even David Miller writes about this in his book “AWOL on the Appalachian Trail”. I don’t want to spend 30 years of my life waiting for a retirement, why should I push-off living my life until I’m less physically able to go on the adventures I want to?


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