“Damn Good Advice”


“Damn Good Advice” by George Lois arrived in the mail today and I’ve already read half of it. I had no idea how much of an influence one man was to our society and to the advertising world. The book is organized as one-page pieces of advice that Lois gives.

The whole book is unapologetic and oriented towards the people who will go after their dreams. It tells stories of various ad campaigns that Lois has been part of and his background. Even though I’m only half way through, I’d recommend it to anyone who is unsure of their artistic abilities. It’s encouraging and builds confidence. The people who love art, and need that final push, areĀ motivated to get out and conquer the world after reading it.

I plan on finishing it tomorrow during my lunch break and I’ll get back to you all on it. I just wanted to write about it because I think it’s already affected me. I feel more confident about my work and who I am as a person. It’s given me a sense of self and determination. As a result, I feel more unapologetic about myself. I’ve realized how short life is and I feel the need to put my self out there. If I don’t say it now, when will I be able to?

More later.


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