Another Project, Another Day

These past few weeks have been full of reflection, upon both my work and who I am as a person. During this time, I’ve found my mind moving in circles but always returning to the desire to write a book.

Above my bed I have a stack of books that I read while laying down. Each book is different but I’ve found that I read many biographies and journals. A few of these books included “Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind”, “Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, “Eat. Pray. Love.”, “An Artist at War”, and “AWOL on the Appalachian Trail”. For my birthday I ordered, “On the Road” and “Into the Wild”.

There are two common themes for all of these books: intense introspection and traveling to a new location. The same reason that compelled these authors to share their stories is why I feel the need to write my own.

Over the last year I’ve moved from my family in Minnesota to a new group of people in Texas. After two months I left for Mississippi with only a few people I knew. I found myself back to Texas, Minnesota, and settling into South Carolina. Each one of these locations has brought another part of myself out.

While I feel the need to write as a way to organize my thoughts, I also feel compelled to explain this last year. Too much has happened for my brain to process and maybe it will help someone else. Maybe they will be able to figure out a piece of their life through my stories.

All that I know right now is that I’m going to write a book.





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