The Lessons the Years will Teach

If the past two years have taught me anything, they’ve shown me that life can pull you in one million directions at once:

As an artist, my work has shifted from photography to blogging. I’ve felt as if each type of art has grabbed a different limb of my body: Photography firmly grips a leg while blogging has a hold of the other. I couldn’t stand without them. My hands are tied between drawing and painting. I could never pull images out of head as well as I directly draw my ideas onto paper. There is always a pull towards drawing because of its ability to express complex ideas simply and efficiently. Music is a tight grip around my neck. The melody is enough to enchant a monotonous singer like myself to sing loudly and proudly. If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what it.

Each day I find that I’m learning more than the last and that each day proves valuable. Whether or not it’s evident to anyone else, I feel like I can write with more clarity and poise than I could have 212 days ago. While I didn’t imagine blogging to be like this, I’ve found a great pleasure in writing daily. Life pulled me into another 365 and I responded with a “YAHOO!”.

Photography was my life-blood two years ago because it was the only art that I did regularly. As a result of neglecting other mediums, I fell in love with the only way I knew how to express what I felt. I couldn’t have envisioned shifting mediums so dramatically. Blogging is very different from photography but yet I find the same satisfaction pressing the keys on my keyboard as I do pressing the shutter. It still amazes me that I even changed.

Life also threw lemons at me. It wasn’t like the cheery “if life gives you lemons” quote. No, life rained fury at me and through a dozen curve-balls. I never truly thought about working a job that I would dislike. While it does take up most of my day, it also offers the opportunity to do what I love daily. I’m fortunate that my hours give me enough time to write while simultaneously making enough money to live more than comfortably. Life gave me the lemons, and I chose to make a blog with them (Well, I did make Navel Oranges I guess!).

There is no way I could classify these past two years as good or bad. I’ve only taken experience and a love of life from them. There have been ups and downs but I know in the end that I’ve been growing. Many mistakes have been made (and even more will come) but I’ve found a fire in myself because of them. The drive to move forward and to grab onto inspiration in all of its wondrous forms. If anything, these years have only catapulted me forward and into a new person.

I hope that whomever you are, even if it’s just me reading this in a couple years, you follow your passion. Life will throw lemons at you, and life doesn’t play fair. It’ll freeze those lemons and chuck them at places you don’t want to be hit. These passions, even if just a whim, will lead you to the greatest feeling: being truly alive.

Thank you for following my on my 365 journey, I have appreciated your company. You’ve taken time out of your day to read the words that flow through me. For that, I am forever grateful. Have a wonderful night/morning/anything between.




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