A Joy That You Cannot Contain


This image was taken almost two years ago when I traveled for my third and final time to Basque Country. There were fiestas every night for the summer throughout the entire Basque state. Many nights we would go out to the parties and hang out with friends. This image was from a party in the village I lived in: Ea.

The fiesta started early and the streets were filled with people dressed in costumes. To an American it looked like a summer Halloween. Everyone took time out of their day to come out to the streets and celebrate Basque culture.

Songs and dances filled the air. Even greater was the joy that radiated from the crowd. All of the hardships, losses, and stress were surrendered. For this moment, everyone was together and alive.

This photograph has a lot of meaning to me because the main subject was an older woman whose joy radiated like sunbeams. She was jumping and moving more than any other person. You could feel her joy in the air, as if it were reaching out to those surrounding her. She danced on the tips of her toes and she wasn’t part of this world anymore. She was something greater.

Often I struggle with stress and a goal of mine is to live more like this culture. I want to find that happiness within myself and bring it out to the world. There is no greater joy than to feel truly alive. When I found this picture, a smile broadened across my face. Let that be my goal for this week – to express that bubbling joy within myself and share that love with the world around me.


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