Eventually you have to Exhale

Eventually you have to Exhale

There’s only so much oxygen you can take in.


Time accumulates both wear and stress. It’s easy to neglect ourselves and to keep taking everything in. Life, like breath, is a cycle: we have to absorb our environments and we have to let go of them. We breath in, then we exhale. There are moments throughout our lives where all we can do is exhale. We’ve taken too much in and we choke on what we have. Our emotions build up and we can’t contain them.

We only choke when we’re not breathing properly. If we let go, we can take more in. Those moments when you want to forget the past, you’ve breathed all your air out. There isn’t any of the past in you anymore. Now that you’re out of oxygen, you must inhale or you will suffocate.

Life is a balance of these two extremes. I struggle with both letting go of the past and accepting what comes my way. This photo serves as a reminds that eventually I have to exhale: eventually I just have to let go.


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