Fill a page with words

If you aren’t blogging, I don’t know what you’re doing. You are missing out on an incredible experience. Yes, I know that most blogs are boring but wait until you find one that really catches you. When you fall in love with a lesser known actor and discover that he’s been writing a blog for years. At that point you realize that it’s not the content you’re looking for. It’s the experience of the person – which is achievable through reading their blog.

When you discover an artist that produces beautiful work, you crave more. Their work is impressive to you but it only says so much about them. Finding a their blog gives you the opportunity to see their process. You have the opportunity to understand something that you otherwise couldn’t have known. You can learn about being an actor or a lower budget musician. Their writings give you a guide when you need it.

After you become accustomed to reading blogs, it’s difficult to go back. Twitter is only half of a paragraph and Facebook posts are often bemoaning. One day you’ll be scrolling through the internet and find an amazing artist. You’ll fall in love with everything they’ve produced. Low-and-behold they only have 15 pieces total online and there’s almost no information about them. Discontent isn’t an exact enough way to describe the emotion you feel when there’s only so much of a person.

That’s why I want you to blog. Take a moment everyday, or a couple of times a week, to write something. It doesn’t have to be a recount of your day or anything you don’t want it to be. Just find some time to fill a page with words. I know you don’t think you have them but you do. You won’t run out of them. Your creativity won’t stop. The world may not hear your voice or listen but it’s about filling that page out for yourself. It’s also about filling it out for that straggler who runs across your page. Maybe your words will connect with someone.




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