Truth about Food

With all the fad diets going around, food is a subject we should be talking about more often. The media tells us sugar is bad, carbs are bad, fat is bad, and everything else that you could ingest. With all of this conflicting information, it is difficult to grasp which information is correct.

One of the resources I turn to is an ¬†organization called PsycheTruth, which produces 10-20 minute lectures on subjects varying from happiness to diet. These videos, which are all free on YouTube, explain “super-foods“, easy ways to become healthier, protein substitutes for vegetarians, and how chemicals that are used in spaceship re-entry tiles are in your Mt. Dew. While the purpose of their videos is to inform, the information that they teach is easier to digest than any class I’ve taken.

It was almost two years ago I first ran across the video embedded below. It features Corrina Rachel discussing the various types of carbohydrates. She explains the glycemic index, the difference between glucose and fructose, and why eating a Snickers bar has less of a sugary impact than white bread. The simple 15 minute video has affected the way that I eat for the past two years. Simple things, like knowing that cooked vegetables act more like sugar than raw vegetables, make me reach for the raw food. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I go for the yogurt instead of the bagel.

While there is a lot of information to take in, I wanted to briefly write about this organization. PsycheTruth has been an invaluable resource for various topics and I have a huge appreciation for everything they create. All of their content is free and enlightening. Similar to Roadtrip Nation, their work makes the world a better place. If you have 10-20 minutes to spare, I highly recommend you watch the video above or scan through their collection on YouTube.


Inspire Us All # 2



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