Inspiration (Linus & The Feel Good Factory, Broken Social Scene, and Roadtrip Nation”)

The main purpose of shifting domains was to reorient towards writing on a variety of subjects. One of the main topics I wanted to orient towards was inspiration. The internet is wide and ever-growing. Which means that there’s an endless amount of artists and media to ingest. It can feel overwhelming at times, and so I wanted to share only my favorite inspirations.


Linus & the Feel Good Factory



How To Be The Lone Wolf” by Linus & The Feel Good Factory

The tutorials that Linus Hui makes are witty, sharp, and inspiring. His twist on English mannerisms and clever paper designs make him my top recommendation for today. Many of his photographs come with a tutorial like the one above titled “How to be the Lone Wolf”. The direct interpretations on these phrases make them enjoyable to read. In this tutorial he guides us on how to be the “Lone Wolf”:
“1. Shun all social contact
2. Do not join any social network like Facebook, Flickr or Grindr
3. Sneer at those who do not think for themselves
4. Wear a cool hoodie and conceal yourself, so you don’t stand out too much, because if you are too cool and noticeable, people want to follow you
5. Stealth; Prey on sheep
6. Live in a hermitage
7. Probably be a sexless spinster, die alone, and rot in the wild”
Not only is his work impressive, there’s a huge body of work to look through. Linus has completed three 365 projects (as of 2014) as well as countless other projects. The sheer volume of these tutorials is enough to keep you satisfied for weeks.
Linus’ ability to mix photography, paper, and text will make you want to create something yourself. There’s so much creativity involved in mixing all of those mediums. If you want to see more of Linus & the Feel Good Factory, check out his Flickr. Below are a few other images that I enjoy – click on them to be lead to the tutorial!


How To Prevent The Growth Of A Potentially Dangerous Silly Thought

How To Check If You Are All Riled Up

How To Check If You’re All Riled Up

How To Preview Your Graceful Aging

How To Preview Your Graceful Aging


Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene is a group of artists that come together to create music. They originally formed at the end of the 90s and have included musicians from Metric (Emily Haines, James Shaw), Stars, and many others.
The reason I consider them so inspiring is because their sound changes so much. Their sound is unique to whomever is in the band at the time. Similar to the band Gorillaz. My favorites are the ones that involve Emily Haines like “Swimmers” and “Backyards“. In most of their songs the voices sound distant and muffled, which makes my mind wander. Perfect for getting in a creative mood. Their most famous song is probably “The Sweetest Kill“.


Roadtrip Nation


Roadtrip Nation is a series created to inspired college-age students to do what they are passionate about. Each season features three or four students getting together as total strangers and traveling around the nation in a giant green RV. On the trip they stop to interview figures that they find inspiring. These figures vary from olympic athletes to owners of major business,
The first few episodes introduce the new travelers and what they’re doing with their life. They join the show because they are going to school but they’re not sure what they want to do. You’ll run across chemistry majors, photographers, and everything in between while watching. The figures that they interview are just as varied as their degrees.
After they call around and schedule interviews, they drive off on the roadtrip. In these interviews they ask questions about why they chose their field, what they’re passionate about, and what advice they would give to younger students.
I find the show inspiring because the advice that these people give usually points towards following your passions. You meet people who have started major rock climbing stores that are nation-wide just by following their dreams. Not only is this show inspiration, it’s also informative about how to live a full life. The figures they find change them and by the end of the season, you can see the difference this trip has made.
The current season is free to watch but if you want to see their older stuff, you’ll have to pay to watch. They have videos on YouTube as well as many other social media sites! I highly suggest you check them all out.



Well that’s all the inspiring figures I have to share with you today. These people have helped me in my life and I hope that you can draw inspiration from them as well. In the future I’ll write more articles on things that I hope can inspire you. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday/Monday where ever you are!


Inspire Us All (#1)

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