Artist’s Block

Live is always around us. Behind every monstrous artist’s block there is a human being living their life. As an artist it’s so easy to think that when we aren’t creating we aren’t alive. Realize that art may be your livelihood but it isn’t your life. You’re so much more than what you create. You’re the cumulative experience of that creation – you are its inception, its imperfect resolution, and the emotions it took to create. While it’s true that there’s exhilaration in expressing yourself, sometimes we forget what art truly is.

Art is an experience. It is an intangible piece within yourself. Something you feel compelled to express. You may not create for others but art is an expression. It is the replication of something intangible. When you can’t create, it’s because you’ve missed the point of it all. Art isn’t something you can force out of yourself – there has to be something within you first.

Sometimes we can’t express because we need to absorb. We have to stop talking so we can listen. If art is an experience, we need to feel it. That isn’t always easy.

Lately I’ve found myself filled with words and feelings. Blogging has made it easier to express myself but it’s difficult to write about something you aren’t feeling. When I write about subjects, I’m not always passionate about them. I don’t have a lot of feeling about them and so the words move like molasses out of me.

That’s what a 365 teaches you. Expression isn’t always about the product – it’s about being compelled to bring something into existence. It’s the feeling underlying whatever you’re creating. Writing daily and completing a photography 365 in 2011 has shown me that while I idolize endless creation, I often forget to feel. I want to create that product so much that I neglect to live my life.

If you’re suffering from some sort of artist’s block, give it time. Find what you are passionate about in life and breathe it all in. Sit down and watch some TV, watch your favorite YouTuber, and crank up the volume on your favorite music. Inspiration will be found when you’re absorbed completely in what you’re doing. When you’re overflowing with life it will pour itself back out of you. Creation is breathing in everything you are passionate about and inevitably exhaling something beautiful back out.



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