Share your Life

People travel around the world without writing a word about it. Others do amazing things daily without even wincing at the thought of sharing it. The things people do don’t usually seem spectacular to them. However, to others your life may be interesting. Your ideas, your thoughts, and your existence may be amazing to somebody else.

When the moment is said and done, what do we have left of it? Our memories fade with time and our perceptions change. What we once knew will go into the back of our mind until it eventually disappears. Writing is a way to remember. It’s a way to digest what we’ve experienced and to record it for others to see.

The difficulty is convincing people that their life is worth sharing. We all carry this idea that our lives are boring. We think that everyone else is living the grand life and that we’re just piece of hay in the haystack. Maybe we don’t put it that way but that’s how a lot of people feel.

A couple of weeks ago I tried to push my friend into blogging. Much to my dismay she said something along that lines of “I don’t want to contribute to the static. Everyone is speaking now and I don’t think I have anything to offer into it. My views aren’t unique or different.” I wanted to shake her and tell her that I wanted to read about her life. I wanted to go online and hear her opinions or what she loves to write about. What makes her feel happy and the ecstasy of doing the things she loves.

Another one of my friends lived in France for a year where she was a nanny for two school children. I wish I could have read about that. The truth is, I can’t experience a lot of these things. My life is too short and I’ll be too busy pursing other dreams. If you share about your experiences online, others can experience things that they never could have imagined.

My best friend moved to America for a year and didn’t write about it on a blog. She made posts on Facebook that are long gone and forgotten. The life she lived here is just committed to her memory. While there’s nothing intrinsically bad in this, she could have remembered so much more if only she wrote it down.

When I ask you to start blogging, it’s because I want to read about your life. I want to understand your struggles and be there with you in your triumphs. Your experiences enrich the lives of everyone around you. While you think you don’t have much to say, I don’t believe it.

If you don’t want to share your opinions, don’t. Just write objectively. Tell us about your greatest accomplishment or your greatest shame. The world is full of storytellers and I want you to be part of them. Definitely live your life but contribute to the pool.

There are so many voices in the world and yes, sometimes it feels like static. Yes, there will be times when your experiences won’t be amazing. But when you have a wonderful experience, you’ll have it in front of you. When five years have gone by, you’ll have a portrait of yourself. If you ever feel alone, you will be able to look back at yourself and know that rough times come and go.

Blogging is so much more that people give it credit for. When you write, you digest it in your mind. You have to recount what you’ve experienced and give it meaning. You realize what you’ve experienced and what it means. Maybe not fully but you have to put it down in front of yourself. Making your life tangible can seem difficult but I can assure you that there’s no better feeling than going through old posts and remembering a good time that you forgot. Like reading about people you used to hang out with or movies you used to love.

I want you to contribute to the static. Add your piece in and find yourself. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for others. Share your passions and maybe you’ll spark something in somebody else. The world is in desperate need of you and what you have to say. All you have to do is speak.



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