Are you polishing your creativity?

Creating can be a difficult process and finding the right words or the right way to express yourself isn’t easy. It seems like the creative juices only seem to flow when we aren’t in an artistic mood or when we lack the resources to birth our ideas. The hardest part of writing for me is the beginning. Right when my mind feels like it has something to say it’s as though the words drain out of my feet.

The creative process is different for each person but for me it’s like brushing my teeth. Sometimes the tube only puts a little toothpaste out while other times it seems to want to overload it. If I get too much I’ll try to shove some of it back into the container but I won’t use it all. If I tried to brush with too much toothpaste it would be a waste. My teeth wouldn’t be any cleaner using 2x the amount of paste.

That being said I always brush my teeth. It doesn’t matter if I’m running low on toothpaste or not, I will just use less and go through the process anyways. Even if I’m running low on time I will go brush my teeth. It may be sloppy but it gets the job done. I brush my teeth because it’s important to my health. The same holds true for the creative process.

Some days it’s like my mind continually throws out ideas. I’m flooded with images that I want to paint or topics I want to write about. There are sometimes full weeks where I can’t write all of my ideas down. Other times I’m completely dry. I pull open the “new post” tab and watch the line blink on my screen until I can write.

I write daily because it’s important for my health. There are days that I really do not feel like writing anything but I have an obligation, like brushing my teeth, to creating something new every day. I do it sometimes not because I want to but because I need it in the long run.

When I have those moments where I’m incredibly inspired I fill up whiteboards on my walls. Brooke Shaden uses notebooks. It’s all the same. When ideas fill your mind, make a point to write them down. Some people think that if an idea is big enough, it will come back – but I guarantee you won’t remember them all. Just like dreams they will fade and lose their details.

When we run low on toothpaste, we can always ask others to help. The Lion’s Life has some great articles on creativity and motivation (like “How a New Environment Can Stimulate Creativity and Trigger Motivation“. So if you’re running low, there are many resources to help. Just remember that sometimes the toothpaste flows quickly and sometimes it’s as thick as molasses.

If there’s anything this 365 project has taught me, it is that the creative process has a mind of its own. There are days where I feel like I could write for hours. Or times when I have enough paintings in my mind to fill a gallery. Some days the words aren’t clear and my mind is scattered. That’s how life is. I keep creating anyways. I’m not the best writer but I keep writing anyways.

Osho wrote in his book “The Madman’s Guide to Enlightenment”: “They move on their own… Out of one hundred times, ninety-nine times you will be saved writing. And that one time you will be really writing something valuable. Otherwise in the rubbish even the diamonds are lost.”

Find those diamonds in your life, you may have to fill your pockets with dirt first but the diamonds will come. I apologize for my lame analogies but this is just how my mind thinks. We all brush our teeth, I brush my daily. Some people brush them more and others really should buy a toothbrush. Where ever you stand on this I want you to exercise your creative muscles. When you have an idea, don’t let it get away from you. Write it down and birth it into existence. We want to see your pearly whites! The satisfaction you will feel from following your creative urges will reward you and you’ll keep your teeth for a long time!

I swear I’m done with that analogy now. Hope you are all making today a great day!


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