In the art community, collaboration isn’t unique or rare. Perhaps because we like to express ourselves, we are willing to work with others and create new things together. The music world is no different and collaborations are commonplace. Try to think of a song that Nicki Minaj song that she’s done alone? What about a song by David Guetta or just Calvin Harris? It’s difficult to name any unless you’re a big fan because most of their work is done through collaborations.

Lately I’ve been getting really into The Sounds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Metric. The more I listen to them, the more that I fall in love. By the way, did you know that those three bands formed in sequential years (1998, 1999, 2000)? Anyways, members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lived with members of Metric for a while and it’s weird when two of your favorite bands cross paths.

As I’ve gone further into each band I’ve followed their projects and collaborations. For example, Emily Haines (lead singer of Metric) has worked with Broken Social Scene, Stars, and a few other bands. Karen O (lead singer of Muse) has done a lot of independent work. She’s done the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are and appeared on the 2014 Oscars. Some of the work she’s done with other artists rival her work with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Sometimes our collaborations turn out like that and two minds build something greater than what one of them could have produced. Working with Carolyn Snyder during my photography 365 project definitely improved the quality of my work. Co-writing gives both writers the ability to review the other person’s work and create something greater.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that you should go out and try a collaboration. If you blog, find someone to co-blog with you. If you sing, why not find another singer and do a duet? If you’re a photographer, find a painter and create something outside of your comfort zones. Try something new and work together with someone. It can change your style of art or just be a temporary thing. Working with others definitely improves our art!


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