Exercise, exercise, exercise

Looking back over through my 365 it’s funny that I haven’t written about exercise. If you would have seen me a year ago, or if I had been blogging back then, I probably would have talked with you about exercise or nutrition. It wasn’t until I was running today that I realized it had been so long.

Exercise use to be a huge part of my life – I went to the gym every weekday and I absolutely loved it. I felt great having the discipline to do the same thing everyday and to work on my body. My goal was never to become muscular or strong but rather to be healthy and I think that I definitely fulfilled it back then.

In the past year I’ve severely neglected my body’s need to move. My job makes me move a lot and I’ve taken it as an excuse to not exercise but after today’s run I want to make it a bigger commitment. I feel awesome right now and I remember this feeling.

Beyond that, running/HIIT seems to be an incredibly emotional experience for me. It’s like all the stress I have amplifies and I can feel it on the surface of my skin. As I run I become cognizant of it and can fully feel it. In feeling it and acknowledging it, I let it go. With how stressed I’ve been lately, I should be running daily.

I’ve got a physical test later this week and I’m excited to say that I feel prepared for it. My body feels great and I couldn’t feel better.


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