There are billions of people on this planet with an infinite amount of possibilities tied to each one. One of them could lead this generation to its peak or start a complete new social system. A story of a child could inspire millions to change the way they live their lives. None of us doubt this power that people carry over one another. We all influence each other tremendously.

What most people neglect to think about is how much of a role we play in the world. We get so wrapped up in the possibilities that everyone else carries, that we forget we’re part of it. We forget our own potential and only focus on everyone else’s.

This is incredibly dangerous because when we mistake other’s paths as our own, we lose ourselves. Both our purpose and our sense of self.

Instead, try to find what thrills you. What makes you talk in conversations? When a group of people are talking, when do you jump in? Is it about sports? Art? Music? Kayaking? Traveling? What lightens your face and motivates you?

When you find what drives you, start moving yourself in that direction. Your sense of self is infinitely stronger than how others could direct you. Find your path and follow what you are passionate about. There are billions of people on this planet doing amazing things, and you’re a part of it. Your path builds this world up. By following others’ paths you make the world less. You lower the potential.

There is no greater joy than following oneself. Find your passion and don’t look back.


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