Someone lost

There are people who will enter into your life without warning and change you. Sometimes you’re the person who appears and makes the life-altering change. Almost one year ago I met a guy who changed my life. He didn’t exactly initiate it but our conversations changed the way I looked at myself as an openly gay man. Things that I still find to be true about myself.

We met at my original school back in May last year. Most of our interactions were brief and lacked a lot of words. Somehow though, we conveyed a lot between us. The group I was in was extremely tight knit but we were all very different people. Out of my entire class of 50 people, I was the only openly gay man – something I wouldn’t think twice about. I’m gay, and I’m open about my life.

This guy started talking to me one day and asked how I could be so open to everyone about it. How could I let everyone know? We talked for hours about the subject and it really showed me how open I was. Some people find it difficult to be open but I’ve never had any problem with it.

His amazement on the subject let to my own amazement with myself. It’s odd to see yourself from a different light or from someone else’s perspective. I’m not going to go into depth about this guy because obviously there was more interaction, but still, I look back and I miss him.



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