In our relationships with other people, often we look for paths and well cleared ways to guide us where we want to go. We want to know what would happen if we say this or if we did that.

We want to know answers to questions which have no answers. I think this is something I struggle with especially. Sometimes there is no answer. Does he/she love me? I don’t think the answer is always a yes or a no. Sometimes it’s just a kind of.

We want these questions to be easy but we don’t want to trample something that is good. We don’t want to tear down something that we’ve built up. Instead, we choose to dodge around the question or be coy. In this effort, communication often gets mixed up, so cut it off at the beginning.

Understand that there isn’t always a yes or no. You can’t expect a person to have everything figured out. Elect to communicate clearly and in person. From personal experience, this works a lot better.



Sorry for the random snip-it today guys!


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