Meeting new people is an exhilaration; it’s something new and uncontrolled. You don’t know what that person is going to be like or who they are. In that moment of conception, you are a blank slate. You have no meaning.

From there, strikes at the clay define what the relationship is. How you see each other – how they see you.

The slate cannot be built upon, only removed from. Impressions cannot be taken back or words unsaid. The sculpture remains and the interactions left in front of your face.

But much like art, we don’t look with sober eyes at the piece in front of us. We don’t see what is truly there. We look for the meaning behind each curve and the way the light gleams on it. We see depths where another sees nothing.

Each emotion further blinds sight. And with each passing moment, the slate alters in different directions. Taking on new shape and becoming more dynamic. With each passing thought, the sight is obscured even more.

Therefore we must look with eyes unscathed, at the piece which stands in front of us. We must cut through and feel what is in front of us. Remove the meaning and leave the feeling.

Each introduction is fresh. It is the beginning of what could be a beautiful masterpiece or a pile of clay. So take a breath and feel the art that is in front of you. Take everything in and let yourself go into the art of it all. Meeting new people is an exhilaration that you only get once with a person – breath it all in and let go.



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