Guys, we live in an awesome culture.

Today I got a notification that one of my shy friends got a SnapChat. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a messaging system where you send a selfie to a friend rather than a standard “text” message.

You can send you silly reactions or take pictures of what’s going on around you. The catch is, the message is deleted around ten seconds after the other person views it. Because the message is deleted after a few seconds, people are more willing to share their craziness. That means your funny face won’t be stored on someone else’s phone.

The shy friend I was talking about earlier has always dodged photos, so it came as a surprise that he had joined a photo sharing site. Immediately I sent him a funny expression asking about joining…

… and much to my dismay he replied with a picture of his wall and wrote text over it.

When this conversation started, I went over to my dormitory for one of their fun nights. A bunch of people just hang out, play videos games and a variety of bored games once a month. Since my friend was shy, I thought I’d send him a picture to get him out of his shell…


In the caption with this photo I wrote; “We want to see you”.

The people I was playing cards with were more than happy to jump behind me for a selfie. After all, the people I life with love to be goofy.

Of course my friend got a little nervous. So he texted me (not a SnapChat reply) “why are there so many people there?”.

To which I asked these strangers to jump into another photo for…


This time with the caption “No really, we wanted to see you”.

With this attempt, he replied with a picture of himself and a confused face. Much to the spirit of SnapChat.


That’s why I thought I would write a culture appreciation post. I’m glad to be part of a generation that is willing to just jump into the camera with other people. To be funny and goofy and silly with people they don’t even know.

Walking down the streets vlogging, people have jumped into the back of my videos, made funny remarks to the camera as I walk by, and I’ve even had a flock of teenage girls ask to be in a video.

Our generation may have its flaws, I mean Justin Bieber happened and Miley is still famous, but we do have our strengths as well. We’re unique and more willing to accept new ideas than the previous generations. With the media we have on our hands, we’ve passed around ideas quicker that any generation before us. Tumblr, Reddit, and countless other sites of seemingly unconnected people get have gotten together for great causes.

We may laugh at #SelfieCulture but it is part of our lifeblood – it’s part of what makes our generation. You may roll your eyes at YOLO, but when we say it, it means so much more than the acronym. It’s representative of a culture that’s willing to be daring. To go out and say “fuck it, why not?”

Tonight, when I asked the others to be part of the selfie – I didn’t even have to hesitate. I didn’t have to explain the circumstance or anything. They just jumped in and were down for making crazy faces on a stranger’s phone. That’s the generation I’m part of and that’s the culture we’re in now.

So thank you. Not only did you make my friend come a little out of his shell, you’ve shown me that this generation, while it has it’s rough spots, is a good generation. One that brings a little hope for the future generations!

Before I go, here’s a photo of us from a little further away.


Have a wonderful night everybody!


As many frustrating days as I have, days like today make it all worth it.


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