Burial At Sea

If you haven’t played Bioshock Infinite, or Burial At Sea, don’t read further. If you don’t mind knowing some parts of the ending, read on.


So yesterday I bought Burial At Sea for my PC – I loved Infinite and was so excited for BAS to come out! The concept of the game and the ending was so beautiful that any extra content I could get my hands on made me happy.

Since I didn’t have time to play, I started it today… and finished it today. Not only was the game extremely short, it lacked a deep plot or anything captivating. Sure it had great scenery but there has to be more drive in it. Infinite was beautiful, but it also had a good plot.

When I was running around doing the story line, it just felt like I was doing the same rudimentary tasks. Can’t go here, better go back and get the three things I need to progress further.

The enemies weren’t inventive or new either. They didn’t go all out with some new design or anything. There just wasn’t anything impressive about the people you were fighting. I found myself just throwing continuous fireballs at the enemies and waiting for Elizabeth to give me more “eve”.

The change of words was a little unusual too. The concept of having another parallel world is cool and of course names would change. So why did only some of the names change?

Finally, I was frustrated by the lack of Lutece. In the trailer it looked like there was going to be a lot more about them but it lacked the parallel universe feeling. The change of words wasn’t enough to show it.

Also, when did Elizabeth tell Booker that she would bring object into reality for him. She did it once and explained the ability but never told him that she’d use it so readily. It just feels a little broken.


I’m going to buy part II, maybe a little against my instincts, and make a further decision about it. Right now I’m operating only on the faith that the creators of the original Infinite will come back with something witty and unique in the second half. So far, I’m extremely disappointed.

I’m apologize for the ramble, I’ve just waited for this game for so long. My expectations were really high and they definitely weren’t met. Maybe I’ll walk into the next part with lower expectations.

If you’ve already played it, tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Did you like the ending of Burial At Sea? Have you played the second half? Did you enjoy it?



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