Writing with and without Purpose

As I read further into other blogger’s method’s and styles I keep running across the opinion that all content should be well thought out and planned. The idea behind it is that it will create greater quality material and generate more views.

However, I think there is a lot of value in spontaneous posting. Writing what is exactly on your mind without fully developing it. Allowing the viewer to be somewhat a part of the thought process.

One thing this generation isn’t short of is opinions. Everyone has one. By writing spontaneously you keep some of the processing of the idea – it’s not definite. It’s not fully formed.

It also keeps things fresh. Writing with purpose definitely has its value. Sometimes you want clear information and things that cut to the chase. But with bloggers and vloggers, I seem to want more from them. Their best content seems the most real and down to earth. It’s like they’re having a conversation with you and their speaking their mind. Other times it just feels like it’s out of script.

What’s your opinion? Do you think spontaneous posts are better? Do you like your content to be well thought out?

Sorry for the ramble, today’s been a long (but good) day!



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