Let it go

Take a moment to think of what you want most in life… what couldn’t you live without doing?

Have you ever thought about how much conflict this brings to our life? Our desires conflict and cross and orient our lives in directions that are illogical. They drag us in one way and we get tunnel vision for the end result.

Think of the most beautiful person you’ve ever met and how much you wanted to get to know them. How much you focused on them and were compelled to do anything to know them further. Think of the one-mindednesss that you got when you looked at this person. Everything else faded.

This is true of material items too. When you’re window shopping and you see that item that pulls you in. It may cost too much money but you can’t help reading everything about it. Envisioning yourself wearing the item, maybe driving the item if it’s a vehicle, or just owning it in general.

Looking back at the item it may seem illogical that you spent so much time looking at it. If you own it maybe you are disinterested in it now or if you didn’t, you may think “why did I even want that”?

Desire holds true for experience as well. Personally, I see skydiving posters, movie ads, and travel maps; all I can do is think about experiencing these things. My mind goes into tunnel vision and all I can think about is what that experience would be like.

The difficulty with this is we’re comparing what we currently have (no other person, no nice item, or no experience) and imagining having more. This obsession with wanting more fuels our distaste in our rudimentary lives. Nothing satisfies us because we’re always wanting more. More money, more time, more things, and more everything.

Because we don’t have what we’re seeking, we become unhappy. We are dissatisfied and we know what we want. We want thing that we can’t have. That is why Buddhism regards desire as a poison. It can taint a full glass of water with a single drop. All the things we have cannot satisfy us. That glass of water will no longer refresh us.

That is why we need to learn to let go of our desires. When we let go of wanting things we don’t have, or anything at all – we are free. By realizing our desires we can choose to let them go. The tunnel vision may last for a while – but it will fade. You’ll be able to see clearly when you aren’t narrowly focusing on one item.

Desire is a difficult thing because we can so easily want more. All we have to do to satisfy it is do whatever we desire. It is much more difficult to learn to love what you have. To be full with what your life already is.

Think of what you desire most in life – a happy life, a healthy life, 3 kids and a dog, a new car, traveling to exotic locations – then let them go. Let your desire for the perfect body or the latest trendy item. When we pursue happiness, it evades us. When we seek what we don’t have, we become unhappy.

Let it go and satisfy yourself with what you have.

This doesn’t mean orient yourself in the opposite direction. Don’t turn away from happiness. Just let things be as they are and adapt your mindset. Change your inside mind set and choose not to acquire more things.

Have a wonderful night WP.
Eric Albee



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