Yay for super long videos!

After much editing and messing around in Premier Pro for a couple hours I finally got an old video up! Four years ago I went to Spain for the first time and fell in love! The beach, the ocean, the food, the people! That first year I took a video walking around the village! In fact, it was the first year I started blogging! After I went to Spain alone, it opened the doors to going to Denmark and Germany!

I posted two separate videos, the first is the original video uncut but newly narrated. It’s around 35 minutes long and shows all the walking everywhere.

The second video is cut slightly shorted to cut out walking up stairs and the unnecessary walking from place to place. If you don’t want to commit to 30 minutes, I dropped this one down to 20! Unfortunately there’s just too much to talk about with Ea!

I hope you all enjoy! Spain was one of the best experiences of my life!



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